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Telltale bringing Hector: Badge of Carnage Ep. 1 to PC, Mac and iPad next week

Looks like Telltale's plans to bring Straandlooper's foul-mouthed iPhone adventure title Hector: Badge of Carnage to even wider distribution channels are moving a bit faster than we anticipated. The Telltale Games blog has unleashed a second trailer for the gruff crime drama, revealing that the first of the series' three episodes will launch on PC, Mac and iPad next Wednesday, April 27.

You can still pre-order Episode 1, which is subtitled "We Negotiate With Terrorists," for $9.99 -- which will also net you a free download of Puzzle Agent for PC or Mac, and will send 10 percent of your purchase price to Japanese disaster relief efforts. That's a whole lot of nice for a game about a decidedly mean detective.

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