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Apps and games for Easter and Passover


As with most holidays these days, there are now several iOS apps that come in handy when needed in a pinch. For Easter and its surrounding holidays, this can be anything from dying eggs to explaining why today is Good Friday. The New York Times recently recommended several apps for the holiday including:

Egg Dyeing 101: This US$0.99 app from Martha Stewart Living will take you beyond the ordinary hard-boiled egg and has instructions for everything from blowing out eggs to little decorations you can use to turn eggs into animals. A glossary, color wheel and more are included in the app, making this not just a good Easter app, but useful for when you want to do any sort of project involving egg decoration. Those who want to have the fun of dying eggs without dealing with the mess of eggs and dye can go for the $1.99 iColor Easter Eggs.

Read on for more apps that add to the fun of this spring holiday season.

Other apps we found to supplement the holiday include:

Easter Basket Maker: If you're one who likes to create your own Easter basket, this $1.99 app will allow you to create virtual baskets, then save on the expense and calories by letting you email the final result to a loved one.

Eggster: Think of this $1.99 app as the Easter version of Bejeweled. The graphics are bright and catchy, and the app has been around for a couple of years, going through a number of improvements during that time.

Children's Easter: This free app is another New York Times recommendation, but it's one I love as well. This is a great introduction to the Easter holiday for those not familiar with Lent, Holy Week and other holidays surrounding Easter Sunday. While the graphics might seem a bit amateurish, the simplicity also makes it very accessible.

iMissal Catholic: Those who don't want to go the children's or beginner's route can take advantage of this app, currently on sale for $4.99. It offers a complete liturgical calendar, mass readings, Bible verses, popular prayers and more.

We are also in the middle of Passover, which lasts until nightfall Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on whether you celebrate the holiday for seven or eight days). The New York Times recommends the $0.99 Haggadah app, which offers a summarized version of the religious text that sets out the order of the seder.

If you like zombies with your Easter games, TUAW's Mike Schramm recently reviewed the $0.99 Bunny the Zombie Slayer. EA and SEGA also have placed many non-Easter games on sale for the holiday.

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