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Chrono Trigger rated for PSP and PS3

Square Enix's pretty-much-the-best-game-ever Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger has the distinct disadvantage of being, as aforementioned, pretty much the best game ever and, simultaneously, pretty expensive in its native SNES format. Fortunately, the game's not too pricey on the DS, but that might not be the only platform to grab it on the cheap in the near future -- the ESRB has rated Chrono Trigger for release on PS3 and PSP.

The ESRB listing doesn't provide any additional details about the title, but if we were betting men, we'd say it's the PS1 re-release that was included in the Final Fantasy Chronicles collection (to be distributed through PSN as a "PSOne Classic"). If we were men who were really bad at betting, we'd say it was some kind of magical Direct X11 remake, chock-full of social networking features and support for 3D TVs.

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