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Eufloria blossoms this June on PSN

Sony's Pub Fund project, which provides support to bring independently developed titles to the PSN without the help of a traditional publisher, has announced its next big release: Omni Systems' IGF-nominated artsy strategy title, Eufloria. The title has had its awfully vague 2011 launch window on PSN tightened up to a somewhat less vague "latter half of June," when it will hit the PlayStation Store for $9.99.

The game, which sees players inhabiting procedurally generated asteroid fields with spores in a strategic attempt to ... well, inhabit all the asteroids, is a port of the PC title of the same name. This time around, however, the game will have extra content, enhanced graphics, an extended soundtrack and improved AI -- all at about half of the game's PC price. To quote our favorite collegiate economics professor: "More stuff for less money? That's always a totally rad deal." (He wasn't very good at his job.)

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