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First Verizon Unleashed phone gets pictured, priced at Best Buy

Brad Molen

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When a screenshot of Verizon's new 'Unleashed' pricing plan surfaced, we held our breath to see if this contract-free $50 unlimited talk and text plan was in fact too good to be true. As it turns out, more evidence has been unearthed that lends credence to the rumor. A tipster snapped the above photo of the LG Cosmos donning Unleashed attire at a local Best Buy, and went out of their way to note that the phone was priced at $39.99. We like what we're seeing here; for a full messaging phone without commitment, this is definitely an aggressive price. No additional pricing details were leaked, but we're sure savvy international texters will notice that the packaging specifically promises the option of unlimited messaging to Mexico and Canada. If the 'Unleashed' phones are already making their way into Best Buy, this could very well mean an impending launch is coming sooner than we expected. We'll continue keeping you up-to-date as we hear more.

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