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Probably Not the Wii 2, Part I: Innovation reinvented

Justin McElroy

We're getting so many images, movies and epic poems that purport to depict Nintendo's rumored new HD console, which goes by the (also rumored) codename of Project Café, that we figured it's time to start throwing them at the wall and seeing what sticks. Today's artifact has popped up on several forums and blogs (we saw it on Destructoid, but you may have caught it elsewhere).

It's a slide from something that reads "Project Café is simply the most developer friendly SDK the industry has ever seen. Deliver unparalleled next generation performance at current generation costs. It doesn't get any easier than this." Also, there's a picture of a box. Is it the Wii 2? Probably not.

If pressed, we'd give it a ... 5/10 for believability. The form factor seems like an evolved Wii, so that's about right, but the wording off the slide feels ... off. What do you think?%Poll-63005%

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