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UK has white iPhone now, Netherlands company memo suggests next week


Just in time for Easter, it's finally here -- our friends at Engadget have obtained actual pictures of the official white iPhone 4, which was purportedly sold by a Vodafone UK retailer to a tipster. It's just what you'd expect it to be (like the iPhone 4, but, y'know, white), save for being one digit off on the model number. Vodafone has alerted its stores to not sell the phone until next week, but it looks like this one sneaked out.

9to5Mac also got hold of a memo from Netherlands smartphone retailer BelCompany, and though it's since been pulled from the site (which perhaps lends even more credence to the authenticity), the memo purportedly said that the long-awaited White iPhone would finally be in stores as of next week, April 27. We've heard that the differently-colored handset would finally be available next week in the US, and since Apple has said before that the phone would arrive this spring, it looks like this is all finally going to happen.

If you've been waiting for a white iPhone 4 ever since it was announced back in June of last year, the wait is almost over.

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