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Final Fantasy 6 rated by ESRB for PSP and PS3

We admit -- we might have gotten our dander up a little too quickly following Final Fantasy 6's release in Japan on PSN. We've just been hurt so many times before by Square Enix's Japanese PSOne Classics re-releases, which tend to take a while to come stateside, provided they ever come at all. However, we've got hope for the series sixth, Esper-filled installment: The ESRB recently rated Final Fantasy 6 for U.S. release on PSP and PS3.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean the game's going to come out next week, but it practically ensures that we'll be able to grab it from the PlayStation Store at some point in the future. While we wait for an official release date, why not join us in trying to remember exactly what kind of "Partial Nudity" is featured in Final Fantasy 6? Maybe that's a reference to Ultros? We guess he's totally naked throughout the entire game, but at the same time, he's an octopus. That kind of behavior is to be expected.

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