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Good at raiding? Come work for Blizzard

Anne Stickney

Have you finished murdering Nefarian on heroic mode? Have Cho'gall and even Sinestra fallen before the might of your raid group? Or are you just looking for a unique and entertaining job? Community Manager Bashiok posted on the official forums that Blizzard is looking for more employees for its QA department. But hold your horses -- Blizzard's specifically looking for people with high-end raiding experience to join its team in order to test future content and provide feedback on heroic raids and class balance.

Currently, only full-time positions are available, and employees will be required to live in Irvine, California, home of the Blizzard headquarters. As Bashiok points out, the Blizzard campus offers amenities like a library, volleyball and basketball courts, a gym, multiple arcades and a movie theatre -- something you're not going to find with an everyday desk job.

Check after the break for the full post from Bashiok -- and check Blizzard's jobs directory to see just what it takes to put in an application.

You have Heroic Nefarian on farm, Cho'gall is a two-headed joke, Al'Akir is a bag of hot wind, and you have detailed documents on how all of these encounters could have been improved. If you're looking for the next great challenge, have you ever though about working for Blizzard?

We have Quality Assurance (QA) positions open and we're specifically looking for those with high-end raiding experience to join our teams, test future content, and provide feedback on Heroic raids, class balance, and general game experiences.

Only full-time positions at our headquarters in Irvine, California are available, so if you're serious about applying be aware that no telecommuting is possible for employment. But with the Blizzard campus offering an on-site cafeteria, library, volleyball and basketball courts, gym, multiple arcades, and movie theater, (not to mention we're 30 minutes from the beach) why would you want to?

Good luck!

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