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Japanese hardware sales, April 11 - April 17: Moneybasket edition

As you may have guessed by our previous Easterly Japanese sales charts, we're a big fan of this particular holiday. In fact, our own enthusiasm has led us to one of our most promising business ideas to date -- Easter stockpiling. Think about it: We all love Cadbury Creme Eggs. We all love Peeps. We all love the confectionary mainstays associated with the holiday itself, but on literally every other calendar day of the year, we don't think to purchase and consume them.

So, here's the plan: We stock up on that good, good Easter candy, and then re-sell it with an appended convenience fee. Just think of the slogans!
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs: Stop Pretending You Don't Want Them All Year Round
  • Peeps: Hey, Remember Peeps? They Remember You
  • Whoppers: Yeah, We Know It's June. Still, You Need To Get On That Whoppers Train
  • Peanut Butter Egg: This Is A Giant Glob Of Peanut Butter Covered In Chocolate
[Image Credit: Flickr user Svaldifari]

- 3DS: 28,252 [DOWN] 4,658 (14.15%)
- PSP: 23,846 [DOWN] 11,632 (32.79%)
- PS3: 22,265 [DOWN] 166 (0.74%)
- Wii: 8,122 [DOWN] 703 (7.97%)
- DSi LL: 7,724 [DOWN] 662 (7.89%)
- DSi: 6,809 [DOWN] 1,226 (15.26%)
- Xbox 360: 1,898 [DOWN] 8 (0.42%)
- PS2: 1,261 [DOWN] 134 (9.61%)
- DS Lite: 423 [DOWN] 91 (17.70%)
- PSP Go: 207 [DOWN] 149 (41.85%)

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