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Olympus still loving E-series DSLRs, but teases new Micro Four Thirds lenses to confuse you


The Micro Four Thirds form factor may be a compelling choice for those seeking portability with affordable prices and notable quality, but there's no doubt that many folks are still loyal to the conventional DSLRs. If you're one such Olympus fan who's concerned about the fate of the larger E-series lineup, fret not: Akira Watanabe, head of product development, reassured PCPOP that the E-series models are here to stay because of their unique features, though his team's still pondering over the idea of replacing the budget triple-digit line (like the E-620) with the PEN series, as suggested by his colleague previously. But shifting the focus back to PEN, Watanabe teased that his crew's developing some MFT lenses to boost the portfolio, though little is revealed other than that these will cater users who have specific photographic needs. Very intriguing indeed -- maybe some fisheye and tilt-shift love?

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