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Caption contest: Spike Lee asks Obama to smile for the camera

Tim Stevens

Just because it can doesn't mean you should...

Joe Flatley: "Just a minute, Girl 6 is streaming on Netflix."
Richard Lawler: "Give me 20 D Energizers."
Terrence: "The only question is: kaleidescope or twirl?"
Brian: "I'm not getting any bars. Am I holding this right?"
Zach Honig: "Hey Richard Branson, I found your doppelganger!"
Michael Gorman: "I'm not sure what's more awkward -- photography with a tablet or the beret / turtleneck fashion combo"
Chris Trout: "I was hoping to get Rosie Perez, but I suppose you'll do."
Don: "It's still your move in Words With Friends, Mr. President."
Tim: "Okay Barack, you distract him while I sneak up and..."
Myriam: "Sorry, Mr. President... I just can't stop playing Angry Birds!"

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