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Dedicated server support added to Section 8: Prejudice on XBLA

Well, this is certainly unexpected. No Xbox Live Arcade game to date has been afforded a dedicated server option. That is, until now. TimeGate Studios has announced that its recently released, multiplayer-centric title, Section 8: Prejudice, now allows Xbox Live players to access and play on PC-hosted servers through GameServers ... for a small fee.

Dedicated servers can host ranked or unranked matches with support for up to 32 players. The monthly charges will run you $1.29 a player, plus a little extra something something if you want to purchase support for a standalone voice chat program. You can place your order for a dedicated server for the XBLA version now -- PC and PS3 players should look sharp, though, as the same support is on its way to their respective versions of the shooter.

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