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First look at Phantasy Star Online 2


It's one thing to tease us with a short video and a title card announcing the sequel of the incredibly beloved Phantasy Star Online 2. It's another thing entirely to make us wait a half year to get any more details! But we'll shove aside our complaints in a heartbeat in favor of diving into a pool of luscious screenshots.

At a recent promotional event, Sega unveiled a sneak peek at Phantasy Star Online 2, including 15 screenshots that snagged for our enjoyment. The pictures show off the world details, character outfits, the UI, and even some shots of combat. Astute Sega fans may even recognize a reference to another hit Sega franchise lurking about.

Reportedly, the action-RPG is in alpha testing with a hopeful release date later this year on the PC. Take a look for yourself in the gallery below!

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