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Rumor: Next MacBook Pro to sport completely redesigned case


Get ready to say goodbye to the current form factor of the MacBook Pro family. MacRumors is reporting that the next MacBook Pros will sport an entirely redesigned case. A redesign next year isn't such a surprise, as Apple does tend to redesign its laptops about every three years. However, the next MacBook Pro design, according to the rumors, could be the most significant to the line in years.

In February before the latest MacBook Pros were unveiled, iLounge stated that the 2011 MBPs would be the last to sport the current form factor and that next year's MBPs were already under development at Quanta in Taiwan. The next MacBook Pros are reportedly a big "milestone" release for the Pro family. There are no hard details yet on what the redesign will include, but given the popularity of the MacBook Air, it's not a stretch to assume that Apple is going to eliminate the optical drive in hopes of making the MacBook Pro family as thin and light as possible.

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