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Evernote for Mac 2.1 update boasts social sharing, audio, speed


Users of the popular Evernote app for Mac are going to love the new 2.1 update released today. To start with, the new app has greatly sped up searching your documents. As Evernote mentioned, it's not uncommon for a user to now have several thousand notes, and the search times with Evernote for Mac were quite slow. Search speeds have been dramatically improved, so you can keep taking notes without worrying about waiting forever for search results.

Next, Evernote now has the ability to share individual notes through Facebook, Twitter, email and any other way you can think of. There's now a Share button in the menu bar of the Mac app. You just need to select the note you want to share, click the Share button, then select the way you want to share the information.

There's also a new way to record a meeting and write notes about it at the same time, all archived for posterity in Evernote. To record an audio note, you just click on the microphone icon and start recording by clicking the Record button. When you're done recording the audio, you can add text or files, then share it with others. The length of recordings depends on whether you're a free or premium user -- free users can do a single audio note with a maximum size of 25 MB, while premium users get 50 MB (about 4 hours) per note.

The update is available from Evernote, or you can select the "Check for Updates" link in the Mac app to receive your update. If you've installed the app through the Mac App Store, Evernote assures us that the update will be available "very soon."

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