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Guild Launch sponsoring DragonCon 2011 MMO track

Jef Reahard

DragonCon isn't far over the horizon, and both genre fans and companies are making plans to descend on Atlanta for the annual Labor Day weekend nerd-a-thon in September. One such outfit is Guild Launch, and the hosting company has just announced via press release that it will be sponsoring the MMO track at this year's convention.

Guild Launch, founded in 2006 and renowned for its ability to ease the HTML-ignorant into the creation and maintenance of their own guilld-related websites, will be participating in various MMORPG panels as well as exhibiting its services throughout the convention. "After attending DragonCon for the last few years we decided we wanted to promote the DragonCon MMO track more directly. We've found DragonCon to be an awesome place to meet the members of our service and we look forward to meeting more of them in 2011," says company founder Stephen Johnston.

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