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iFixIt releases transparent iPhone 4 rear panel


If you like to see the innards of your handset, then you have to check out this latest offering from iFixit. The repair company known for its detailed teardown analyses has released a transparent rear panel for the GSM/AT&T iPhone 4. Unfortunately, the Verizon iPhone 4 has a slightly different shape, and these panels will not fit the Verizon model.

The clear panel lets you peer into the logic board and gawk at the large battery that dominates the back of the handset. Functional as well as eye-catching, the see-through backing adds some durability to your handset. It is made of plastic and is less prone to breaking than the original glass panel.

Thanks to iFixit's step-by-step guide, swapping out the back panel is drop dead easy. You just loosen some screws, slide the old cover off and slide the new one on. The transparent panels are available now for ordering and will set you back US$30 plus taxes, shipping and handling. Anyone going to drop three sawbucks and scoop one up?

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