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Keiji Inafune is shooting lasers out of his face in an RPG

Well, it's official: Keiji Inafune has the best life ever. According to this week's issue of Dengeki PlayStation (as translated by Andriasang), the former Capcom head will appear in Idea Factory's upcoming PS3 RPG Hyperdimension Neptunia mk-II -- a bizarre outcome of an even more bizarre marketing partnership between Inafune and the game's publisher, Compile Heart. The real magic comes from the descriptions of his character's special abilities, such as the "Donnahandanda Nova," in which Inafune opens up his mouth, and vomits out an assumedly potent laser beam.

We can't decide what's more wonderful: The aforementioned power, or "Creator Sword Inafune," in which Inafune wields an actual photograph of himself, much like one would wield a sword. Nope! Wait, forget what we said. That's obviously the most wonderful thing we've ever heard.

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