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Kokuyo's X-VIZ designer calculator is tailor-made for one-armed accountants

Amar Toor, @amartoo

We're not exactly sure why anyone would ever want a designer calculator, but for those who do, Kokuyo's got you covered. The Japanese company has just announced the X-VIZ -- a super slim, matte-finished device that can help you balance your checkbook with one hand. Crafted by robot designer Tatsuya Matsui, the X-VIZ probably isn't something you'd use to carry out heavy duty operations and, at just 12mm thick, it certainly won't double as a mouse, either. But at least Kokuyo refrained from tacking on another superfluous laser or detachable holster, as it's been known to do. Both black and white models of the X-VIZ will hit the Japanese market on May 11 for ¥5,250 ($64), so hit up your favorite importer if you're interested in grabbing one.

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