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LEGO Universe readying new race track, pets, property, and a month-long event

Jef Reahard

Next week is looming large for fans of LEGO Universe. May 3rd will see major new challenges made available to the game's community according to a LEGO press release circulated earlier this afternoon.

First up is a month-long initiative to finish the colossal Nexus Tower construction project. The tower houses the Nexus of Imagination, and it's a good thing too since the dastardly Maelstrom is bent on unyielding destruction. Players will need to contribute bricks to the Nexus Force cause or risk leaving Imagination vulnerable to the forces of darkness.

LEGO Universe will also be sporting a new race track as of next week, and the circuit is every bit as grueling as its name (Dragonmaw Chasm) suggests. New achievements are the order of the day, and skilled racers can unlock new cars including the Fire Brawl and Mach Lava. Finally, the new game update is bringing new property options to LEGO Universe. These include the ability for players to place pets on their in-game homesteads and bring said pets to life via a system of behaviors. Head to the official LEGO Universe website for more.

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