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Magicka 'Marshlands' and 'Caverns' challenge maps now on Steam


Paradox has released two new challenge maps for the four-player dungeon crawler Magicka, called Marshlands and Caverns (after their respective settings, of course). Based on a player vote, Caverns was chosen as the free map (and is available the next time you log in to Steam), but Marshlands remains paid DLC on Steam for $1.99. Both maps have new challenges available for up to four players, requiring you to fight enemies across 20 deadly waves.

If you haven't bought Magicka yet, Steam is also offering a Magicka Pack, featuring the original game along with the Vietnam expansion pack and both the Wizard's Survival Kit and this new add-on DLC for $12.99. For less than the price of a movie ticket, that's a lot of four-player magicking.

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