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Nintendogs + Cats is Nintendo's first 3DS million seller


As it does after every earnings report, Nintendo sent out a "supplementary" release featuring all of the first-party games that sold a million copies or more in the last fiscal year. One 3DS game made the cut: Nintendogs + Cats, which sold 460,000 units in Japan and 1.25 million in the West. The odds were kind of stacked in favor of this game -- it was released in three different versions, it was the only first-party game at launch, and puppies are cute.

On Wii, Mario Sports Mix made it into the million-seller category, with a worldwide 1.54 million copies. And Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition proved the viability (unfortunately) of selling an SNES game in a $30 box, by shifting 2.24 million units. On DS, Pokémon Black and White are up to a combined 11.51 million units, which, in our professional estimation, is an uncomfortably large number.

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