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Watch Netflix on your PS3 while PlayStation Network is down


As the PlayStation Network outage continues on with no word on a resolution, we can't get your PS3 online for Call of Duty: Black Ops but if all you want is a quick Netflix fix and haven't already figured it out, here's some help. A post on HackingNetflix points out that merely skipping through the login error screens (hitting the button to try to login and waiting worked best for us) is allowing many to access their queues and stream movies. We were able to get through to our Netflix queue a few days ago using this message, but we were stopped cold when we tried to actually stream a movie by an unskippable failure to connect to PSN screen that is probably due to our console's status as a rarely used streaming option. Unfortunately this method won't help with Hulu Plus and when it comes to Qriocity...was anyone ever using Qriocity?

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