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Angels Online's Primordial Paradise expansion brings new maps, achievements

Jef Reahard

There's a new expansion for Angels Online, and IGG's latest press release details a bit of what players can expect. The Primordial Paradise awaits, and intrepid explorers will "make their way through native villages, thick jungles and ancient ruins to battle scores of new, frightening monsters."

The region boasts a slew of new quests, many of them revolving around the "unimaginable evil" that lurks in the deep, dark recesses of the area. Seven new maps are also ripe for plundering, and Primordial Paradise offers new achievement and title systems as well as various itemization updates to assist players in tweaking their characters.

To celebrate the expansion, which is now live, Angels Online is hosting a seven-day double XP event. Head to the game's official forums for more details.

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