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iPad 2 will land in 12 new countries starting with Japan on April 28


Apple confirmed the iPad 2 will land in Japan starting tomorrow, April 28. Sales begin at Apple retail stores at 9 am local time. Select authorized resellers will also carry the tablet device and prospective iPad 2 owners should call ahead to confirm availability. If you prefer to shop online and avoid the hubbub of a crowd, you can also order the iPad 2 online from Apple's website starting at 1 am.

Despite facing the "mother of all backlogs", Apple is determined to continue the rollout of this popular tablet device. The second generation iPad will be also debut in Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and UAE starting April 29. China will score the WiFi version of the iPad 2 starting May 6.

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