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Portal 2 DLC coming as soon as this summer

If you, like us, have already completed Portal 2's single-player and co-op campaigns a number of times, you're probably waiting on pins and needles for news about downloadable content. Well, you can now move to much less prickly chair -- in a recent interview with Fast Company, Valve VP of marketing Doug Lombardi said, "We will be announcing some DLC for it, so folks can keep a look out for more content coming this summer."

According to Lombardi, more details about the content will be coming "in a week or so," adding, "We'll support that with more videos or more comics." We'll hope against hope that said DLC is more substantial than the co-op bot skins that are available through the PC and Mac versions' in-game stores. Actually, as long as we're hoping, we're going to keep our fingers crossed for like, a hundred new co-op courses. And a new single-player campaign! And a pony!

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