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Runes of Magic hints at more Chapter IV updates

Jef Reahard

Testing for Runes of Magic's Chapter IV: Lands of Despair update continues on the game's closed beta servers, at least for two more days. According to a news blurb on the free-to-play fantasy title's website, the patch is nearing the public consumption stage, at which point the masses will thrill to a new instance, new bosses, and various other opportunities for us to use the word new.

New hidden battlefields are also in the works, as well as "two previously unknown races with a fierce and ancient rivalry." Dwarves vs. Rhinos might not have the same appeal as pirates vs. ninjas, Yankees vs. Red Sox, or Democrats vs. Republicans, but nonetheless Frogster and Runewaker have some story shenanigans up their respective sleeves for Runes of Magic lore fans. Check out the rather cryptic details at the official RoM website.

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