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Square Enix working on two followups to Chaos Rings, Imaginary Range comic


Square Enix has announced three different iOS products in the pipeline for later on this year in both Japan and, eventually, the US. First up, original iOS title Chaos Rings is apparently getting not one but two different followup titles. The first will be called Chaos Rings Omega, and it will be a prequel (shouldn't it be called Alpha, then?), with the story set before the first game begins. Square Enix has also placed ads in a Japanese gaming magazine for a full-fledged "Chaos Rings II" sequel, though information on that is slim so far. But fans of the first game (which predated Infinity Blade as a full-featured, original AAA title for iOS) will have plenty to play through.

Square Enix has also announced an interactive comic book called Imaginary Range, which offers game-related elements and mini-games in conjunction with a full comic book story. It sounds intriguing -- in part because it doesn't sound like your average comic or game -- and it will probably be an interesting experience built just for iOS. Imaginary Range will be out on the 5th of May in Japan, and presumably we'll see an English translation here in the US soon after that.

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