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Telltale announces Xbox 360 publishing agreement


Telltale Games, the San Rafael-based purveyor of episodic adventure games, has struck an accord with Microsoft, the studio announced today. Exact details on the length and nature of the licensing agreement are forthcoming, but it pertains to publishing games on the Xbox 360 (presumably through Xbox Live Arcade), specifically, with no mention of Windows Phone 7 in the deal. The Xbox 360 hasn't seen a Telltale release since Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventure, due to Microsoft's stringent development restrictions. With this new agreement, we could potentially see episodic seasons pre-sold, a la PlayStation Network.

"Adding console support to our acknowledged expertise in digital downloads is another positive step in our long-term growth strategy," said Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors in the announcement. "We are pleased to expand the size of our potential audience by encompassing the Xbox 360 console consumer and bring our vision of video gaming to them."

Telltale currently publishes on PC, Mac, iOS and PSN. The studio has a ridiculous number of projects in the pipeline, offering some compelling possibilities for hopeful Xbox 360 users.

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