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Prius Online hits closed beta testing


If you're feeling a little beside yourself these days, Prius Online is right there with you. The vibrant anime MMO that features the ability to play three characters at once has finally entered the closed beta stage today.

It's a big day for publisher gPotato, which transported Prius Online over from Korea for the North American audiences as a premier free-to-play title. Closed beta testing will take place from April 28th through May 8th and includes six classes that can be played up to level 25. Prius Online promises a special experience as your character travels with two steadfast companions, forging a permanent party of sorts.

Both FilePlanet and Big Download have the beta client available to snag right away. To celebrate this special period of the game's development cycle, Prius Online is holding several in-game contests, such as a race to the level cap, and is handing out rewards to all beta testers. Catch up on this title with our overview from GDC!

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