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Rumor: Smurfs Dance Party pics leak


We aren't exactly sure how Metromix got screens of what appears to be the recently outed Smurfs Dance Party game, but here it is (above and after the break). Contacted for comment, a Ubisoft rep told us the Smurf product announcement will come mid-May. The company isn't currently releasing assets for whatever its Smurf game(s) will be.

Metromix's product description notes the title is being developed by Land Ho! (We Cheer) and will have players following "Smurf'testants" as they (sigh) "shake their powder blue rumps to songs by the Jackson 5, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry."

The site lists a July 26 release date (same as GameFly). And yes, if the screens are accurate, it's definitely another spin-off of Ubisoft's super successful Just Dance franchise.

[Thanks, Elliott]

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