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Sony Online Entertainment says its customer data is safe


Though the PlayStation Network and Qriocity side of Sony's digital services may have been subject to a massive breach of user information, it seems that Sony Online Entertainment product users are safe. SOE reps took to Sony's forums to clear the air, saying, "We have been conducting a thorough investigation and, to the best of our knowledge, no customer personal information got out to any unauthorized person or persons."

The post also acknowledges a "continuing investigation" currently taking place at SOE, and notes that the company will "promptly notify" customers of any change in the situation. SOE's games -- including Free Realms and DC Universe Online -- temporarily went offline on April 21 and have since had service restored. An SOE rep states that "SOE's systems and databases are separate from PSN's," thus explaining how the company's games are still working -- and how your information wasn't stolen.

Meanwhile, as reported by our sister site Massively, SOE is working on a "make good plan" for Free Realms and DCUO players on the PlayStation 3, as well as holding a handful of in-game events across multiple games in the coming weeks.

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