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South Australian AG will support R18+ rating if 15+ is scrapped


South Australian Attorney-General John Rau will support the introduction of the long-awaited R18+ classification for games in the region, if the country gets rid of MA15+. Rau's version of video games would change the system to G, PG, M (PG-13) and R18+.

"At the moment, the MA15+ classification is like a crossover point between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable," Rau said, reports ABC News. "We want that to be a very clear gap. We will have a new classification R18+ and the MA15+ will disappear."

Australia's Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor, who has all but demanded that the various, resistant attorneys-general meet and come to a consensus on an R18+ rating for video game at a meeting in July.

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