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Tweet_Fit tweets while you sweat to the oldies (video)


The Shake Weight it is not, but as 21st century workout solutions go, Tweet_Fit certainly has the potential to get people talking -- or, at the very least, tweeting. Developed by a UK design student, the connected gym accessory attaches to the end of a standard dumbbell and sends updates to your Twitter account when you start and stop your workout. Take it offline and it guides you through the perfect curl. Tweet_Fit's designer points out that it offers a novel way for trainers to keep track of their clients, and can be used to spur healthy competition between friends. Given, it won't make bragging about how much you can bench any easier, but, then, tweeting an invitation to the gun show is so impersonal. Tweet_Fit is still a prototype, but you can check out a video of the Twitter-enabled dumbbell in action after the break.

[Thanks, Fraser]

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