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XL Games teases new ArcheAge trailer

Jef Reahard

The ArcheAge publicity machine is starting to make a bit of noise (and it's about time too, the title's been in development since 2006). XL Games has just released a brief video preview -- which is itself a teaser for a full-length trailer that will debut shortly. The game is also gearing up for its third Korean closed beta, with testing scheduled to kick off on May 24th.

The video crams a ton of new footage into its one-minute running time, and we're unabashedly salivating for the full-length trailer as well as the game. ArcheAge is the brainchild of noted Korean developer Jake Song, and looks to fuse sandbox and themepark elements to create the first "third generation" MMORPG experience. ArcheAge also features music from renowned Korean composers Yoon Sang and Shin Hae Chul, and fantasy novelist Jun Min Hee is involved in the conceptualization of what XL calls "game scenarios."

ArcheAge is being developed using both CryEngine 2 and 3, and aims to set the standard for both graphical performance and varied gameplay options. Feast your eyes on the teaser after the cut.

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