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Apple planning huge Brisbane, Australia Apple Store


Apple is set to open its largest Australian Apple store in the historic MacArthur Chambers according to papers filed with Brisbane City Council. While the plans don't mention Apple by name, and in fact were filed on behalf of the MacArthur Central Shopping Centre, the details of the plans all point to an Apple store.

Among the plan highlights that suggest an Apple store are "feature stairs" ala the staircase in the 5th Avenue New York Store and "new colour scheme of shades of white." The plans also mention stone floors, twin glass doors, and a space for what are presumably Genius Bars. The total size of the store would be 1900sqm, making it the largest in Australia.

The MacArthur Chambers building itself has historic connection to World War 2. General Douglas MacArthur commandeered it in 1942 and it was used as an Allied Forces' headquarters until 1944. Apple isn't pushing the history of the building to the wayside either. The plans for the store also include a $3.8 million addendum to remove the "current modern additions" and return the space to its original form. Those plans include getting rid of the tiled ceilings and escalators and restoring the original stone wall panels and bronze doors. There's no word yet on when the store might open.

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