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Around Azeroth: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot


I hate that song, but now this submission has it stuck in my head. Damn hippies! Arugadh of The Seekers of Truth on Farstriders (US-A) writes, "At the end of the goblin's starting story, Thrall tells Gallywix that the Goblin people have the ability to transform Azeroth. But given that Thrall is now a shaman, I don't think that this is what Thrall meant. The once mighty green jungles of Stranglethorn are now felled to goblin greed; what Deathwing didn't finish, the goblins seem to intend to. I paused while flying over STV, saw the clear-cut rainforest, and felt saddened at the waste and death of the green." Oh, so now we're supposed to listen to the environmental concerns of the freaking dwarves?

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