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Monthly update lays out Age of Conan development roadmap

Jef Reahard

The year ahead is shaping up to be a busy one for Age of Conan, and Funcom's Craig Morrison lays down a rough foundation for the next few months in his latest monthly development update. If you're looking for the short version, it's this: Now that the Dreamworld deployment is in the books, AoC is continuing to pick up new dev talent and will be adding more content going forward.

In the immediate future, players are getting crowd-control balances, two level-80 group dungeons, and a faction progression revamp, all of which are slated for the next update and currently available on the test server. Following that, we can look forward to The Forgotten City and The Breach, two new solo auto-content generation dungeons designed for levels 40 to 80. There are also a handful of technical improvements, optimizations, and general balancing scheduled to accompany the new content, and of course the much-anticipated Blood and Glory PvP server ruleset is coming sometime this summer.

Finally, Morrison teases fans with a blurb about AoC's late-2011 updates, specifically "two new and important elements incoming." He also hints at some sort of tie-in with the upcoming Conan film reboot. Head to the official AoC boards to see for yourself.

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