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Need for Speed: The Run detailed, racing to stores Nov. 15


Following yesterday's teaser reveal of Need for Speed: The Run, EA has today spelled out some details we didn't know and confirmed some that we inferred from the trailer. First and foremost, the game is indeed speeding toward a holiday release date of November 15, 2011 in North America (and Nov. 17 in Europe). EA Black Box is at the wheel (as rumored), with EA DICE's Frostbite 2 engine under the hood.

Additionally, The Run will feature the much-loved Autolog feature (as loved in Hot Pursuit and Shift 2), as well as the "hot cars and crazy-fast chases" we've come to expect from the NFS series. As seen in the trailer, the game will follow racers cross-country (Cannonball Run-style) from San Francisco to New York, with plenty of stops in between. EA's announcement also notes that "entering the race is just the beginning," with races taking place in "dense urban traffic," on "icy mountain passes" and "narrow canyons." Presumably we'll find out more about The Run as E3 approaches, this June.

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