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Rumor: Starhawk reveal coming in mid-May (Us: Try to act surprised)


We've been hearing about a rumored follow-up to Warhawk for nearly two years after Sony Computer Entertainment of America registered a trademark for a game known as "Starhawk." And though the rumors have gone quiet for quite some time, SystemLink PlayStation claims to have spoken to an anonymous Sony employee who revealed a wealth of details about the alleged sequel -- details that are reported to be part of a big reveal in mid-May.

Lightbox Interactive is said to be in the pilot's seat -- a studio made of ex-Incognito devs, the same folks who made Warhawk -- and the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3. According to the report, the core gameplay doesn't deviate too much from its predecessor -- "a third-person shooter with jeeps, APCs, tanks, and now spaceships." As for space combat, the piece claims that only some maps will allow spaceships to exit the planet's atmosphere, with specific areas intended for ground combat. The game is also said to feature both single- and multiplayer, with a heavier focus on the latter. No details are provided as to whether it's a digital or retail release (or some combination of both, like the original game).

As the piece points out, Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe has been tweeting up a storm with his excitement, with such missives as "Been running in silent mode for too long. This is killing me. I can't wait to be able to talk about it" and "Thank you all for your patience. Really! I want nothing more than to show off the new game to our fans!" For what it's worth, an SCEA rep told us, "We don't comment on rumors or speculation," but we'll hopefully find out what's what in a few weeks.

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