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The path of the Dark Side: The Old Republic shows Sith Warrior progression


Can't wait until Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out so you can get your Darth Vader or Darth Malak on? BioWare's here to help with a tantalizing new video that shows the progression of a Sith Warrior in TOR.

While the Sith Warrior begins as an unskilled neophyte with a lightsaber substitute, he soon grows in power and chooses one of two advanced classes: the Sith Marauder or Sith Juggernaut. The video shows off a range of each class' skills from stealth attacks to lightsaber flinging. The Sith Warrior's not about a subtle appearance, of course; both advanced classes are shown wearing truly wicked-looking armor and intimidating masks.

If you want even more TOR news, take a look at the new dev blog from lead UI artist Michael Voigt, all about designing the UI for the game. You can check out the Sith Warrior in all his glory after the jump!

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