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Sunday Morning Funnies: Copyright 2001


Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Your regularly schedule host Amanda Miller could not be here this morning to bring you your favorite repository of World of Warcraft-related comics and all that jazz. Instead, this week, you get me. I think the last MMO-related comic I read was in 2001, probably about Ultima Online. Actually, that's probably not a true fact at all, but for the sake of this column today, as well as my own sense of self-satisfaction and hilarity, it's true within the confines of your browser tab.

Comics about MMOs sure have changed since I was reading them! What ever happened to the simple days of BON3DOOD and pLaTeDeWd or Imanewbie? Whatever happened to comics about mobs having their own lives separate from adventurers and jokes about the loot creatures drop? Oh, still around, I see. What is happening to my world?!

Oh, you're here for comics that have actually updated since 2002? Why didn't you say so?

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