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Aeria Games announces Golden Age


A new contender in the field of MMO real-time strategy titles has appeared: Golden Age. If you're all about constructing castles, building up armies, and clashing in epic battles, Aeria Games is hoping that this title will sate your bloodlust.

As players commit warfare against each other and computer-controlled enemies, Golden Age allows bystanders to participate as well. Players can vote for their favorite army when a battle convenes, and the army with the most votes gets bonus soldiers for the fight.

When not fighting, players will build up their fortresses using over 20 types of structures and also talk to inhabitants of the town to see whether any of them has a quest for you to do. Aeria Games promises that the browser-based Golden Age will be free-to-play and will be released with both English and Spanish translations. You can check out the teaser site and register for the beta now. We give you permission -- just finish your vegetables first.

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