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Catherine Deluxe Edition delivered in a pizza box, topped with underwear


When the marketing team at Atlus sat down to evaluate Catherine, the company's creepy concoction of nightmarish puzzle realms and adult relationships, it established what needed to be done in order to make the game stand out amongst the year's other offerings: absolutely nothing. But if you're Atlus, lasciviousness is no excuse to omit lavish special editions!

The "Love is Over Deluxe Edition" of Catherine is delivered in a "Stray Sheep" pizza box, fresh from the haunt frequented by in-game boy toy Vincent. In addition to the game, on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, the special package contains a Catherine pillowcase, a large shirt depicting a depleted heart gauge, and Vincent's boxers. (Not boxers with pictures of Vincent on them -- Vincent's dotted underwear that he removed and sent to you.)

The "Love is Over Deluxe Edition" will set you back $79.99 and will be available only in limited quantities. Pre-orders for both the regular edition and special release incur further bonuses in the form of the Atlus-obligatory 11-track music CD and a 36-page Catherine art book.

If you're already envisioning your perfect evening -- lying on that pillowcase in your new shirt and boxers, listening to the soundtrack while you flip through the art book -- you might need to take your relationship with Catherine down just a notch. We You have until July 26 to modify and/or hide your obsession.

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