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Dell's 17-inch Precision M6600 workstation laptop goes on sale early in the UK (update: US too)

Vlad Savov

We were promised we'd get Dell's latest Precision powerhouses on May 10th, and that may still be the case for the US, but the company's UK outlet is ready to let you customize and buy an M6600 today. The 17.3-inch laptop offers options for a multitouch display with stylus functionality, a 2.5GHz quad-core Core i7-2920XM CPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, up to half a terabyte (2x 256GB) in solid state storage, and NVIDIA Quadro 4000M graphics. Prices start at £1,549 ($2,590) excluding VAT and shipping, though the spec we've listed above would set you back a neat £4,714 ($7,880). Still, a pretty sweet rig if you can afford it.

[Thanks, Stephen]

Update: The Precision M6600 is now also on sale in the States, and it's been joined by its buddy, the M4600! [Thanks, RajG]

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