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HP updates webOS App Catalog, brings carrier billing, promo codes, and (surprise!) a new icon

Zachary Lutz

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webOS users may shed that oh-so-familiar Palm shopping bag in favor of HP's new App Catalog. Beyond the blue icon, app seekers will discover support for promo codes and the ability to charge purchases to their mobile carrier (just like we've seen on the forthcoming tablets). As a nice surprise, initial reports suggest the software is faster and more responsive, though webOS 2.0 is required admission here, meaning everyone using version 1.4 is currently out of luck. While the long version number, 2.0.22300, caused speculation that HP's upgrade was released prematurely, it seems here to stay, with support representatives confirming it's an intended release. So wave farewell to that Palm icon -- it's time to start hassling devs for promo codes and running up that mobile bill.

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