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nDrive debuts navigation solution for webOS 2.0, offers assistance for your next global adventure

Zachary Lutz

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A new navigation solution now graces the webOS App Catalog, offering the platform's first turn-by-turn assistance that operates without a data connection. Although it's pricey ($49), nDrive comes packaged with all the requisite maps needed to chart your destination within the US, and also provides spoken directions via the handset, headphone jack, or Bluetooth. For times when you're not blazing trails, the app uses a cellular signal to deliver weather information, as well as check-ins via Facebook Places and Foursquare. International users will appreciate knowing that nDrive is also well-suited for use abroad, though additional country maps must be purchased as add-ons. Follow the source link for a complete review of this travel companion, and don't forget to send us postcards while enjoying your next excursion.

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