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Newest producer letter for Final Fantasy XIV talks patch 1.18, dungeons, and camps

Eliot Lefebvre

Starting in the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the little aetheryte camps won't be the only signs of civilization outside the main cities. According to the newest producer's letter from Naoki Yoshida, new camps and hamlets will be added to the map with the next patch, which is also slated to include the first changes to the game's battle system and instanced dungeons for ranks 30 and 50. These are features that players have been hearing about for some time, and it's excellent to have a more definite timeline for the implementation.

The down side to this, of course, is that the larger dose of content and upgrades will mean a longer gap between patches, as patch 1.18 is currently set to be released in mid-June. Yoshida goes on to say that it's quite possible the team will break some of the content down and release a 1.17b patch at some point in May, just to help tide players over. Final Fantasy XIV players are encouraged to read the full letter and get ready for more sweeping changes, along with further previews of the dungeons due in the near future.

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