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T-Mobile invites you to surf under the sun with new $40 2GB data plan, sunblock not included

Zachary Lutz

T-Mobile has introduced a less expensive option for those who want internet on the go (and don't like spending all day at the coffee shop). The company's new plan, priced at $39.99 per month, offers customers 2GB of overage-free data access, which is throttled after the limit is reached. The service requires a standard two-year commitment, but existing voice subscribers will receive a 20% discount for the broadband package, effectively reducing the cost to $31.99. Of course, the usual taxes and surcharges still apply. If you're unsure whether mobile internet is right for you, T-Mo also offers month-to-month pricing, allowing you to test its HSPA+ service without the hassle of a long-term relationship. And in case you're looking for a little somethin' to serve up all this data, this little Hotspot might just do the trick -- as for the new plan, you'll find all the sordid details in the source link below.

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